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NASA Science Live: A World of Fires (Episode 8)

At any given time, there is a fire burning somewhere on Earth. As the climate warms, it has directly affected the way fires occur, with longer fire seasons and more extreme fires that are harder to suppress. With a fleet of satellites orbiting Earth, NASA has a unique perspective to keep an eye on these fires, the impact they have on ecosystems, and how smoke degrades air quality for local communities and populations downwind from biomass burning.


Leslie Garrison (ADNET): Host
Amber Soja (NASA/LaRC): Talent
Doug C. Morton (NASA/GSFC): Talent
Emily Furfaro (MORI Associates): Lead Producer
Rich Melnick (KBRwyle): Director
Scott Bednar (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
Jessica Wilde (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
John Caldwell (AIMM): Technical Director
Michael Randazzo (AIMM): Editor
Kathryn Mersmann (USRA): Graphics
Rob Andreoli (AIMM): Audio Technician
Swarupa Nune (InuTeq): Floor Director
Ryan Fitzgibbons (USRA): Videographer
LK Ward (USRA): Videographer
Katie Jepson (USRA): Videographer
Madison Arnold (NASA/GSFC): Teleprompter Operator
Paul R. Morris (USRA): Support
Pat Kennedy (KBRwyle): Engineer
Fred A. Brown (NASA/HQ): Advisor
Matthew Schara (National Institute of Aerospace): Graphic Designer
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